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Welcome to the timeware® community website, a site dedicated to "companies that are covered by the timeware® global assist support" agreement.

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  • timeware® training

timeware certificateWhy choose timeware training?

We develop the applications and support the product – we can show you exactly how the product work!

timeware® offer essential training courses which are aimed at teaching staff from all departments how to realise total value from the timeware® software application.

Your place or ours?

Training can be carried out at our offices in Rochdale or at your business premises anywhere in the UK.


Courses can be created for each customer's individual needs.

There are however, a set of standard courses which cover each of the timeware® modules.

A short technical course, (45 minutes), is also available for your company's IT specialist as we may require their assistance on larger installations.


Half day training   3 hours   £442.00

Full day training   6 hours   £628.00


All training courses carry authorised certification.

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