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timeware® support

timeware® managed service

With timeware® managed service, the timeware® support team take on the responsibility of administering your timeware® system whenever required.

What is timeware® managed service?

The concept behind timeware® managed service is simple: To provide an efficient and worry free managed solution for all timeware® customers. It is designed with the purpose of providing a qualified timeware® support technician when required. The technician is responsible for managing certain features or functions for you such as creating absence entitlement policies, or creating a new timeware® user to your exact specification.

Let timeware® support handle the mundane tasks so that your time can be better spent on the administrative processes that matter to your company!

With the timeware® managed service, you will receive your own timeware® support technician who is on standby to assist you with any issues you may have along with setting up features you require. It couldn’t be easier!

timeware® managed service includes the following:

  • Access to the timeware® technical support team between 8:30am and 5:30pm Monday to Friday excluding Bank holidays.
  • A complete managed service where timeware® make any change requests within an agreed time frame.
  • An annual visit on a pre-arranged date from the technical support team to upgrade your software to the latest version and to complete any new feature awareness training.
  • At least one customer liaison visit per year with the registered timeware administrator to discuss the performance of timeware and ways of improving workflow
  • A courtesy call from the customer liaison team approximately every six weeks.
  • Complimentary subscription to the timeware® community magazine, ‘timelines’, for each staff member on your approved contacts list.

How will the timeware® support team help?

Within customer care we have a full-time, office based support team that are available to answer your questions between 8.30am and 5.30pm, each weekday. Incidents can also be reported out of office hours using our web-based helpdesk service.

When addressing an incident, the support team utilise remote desktop support technology to access your PC, (with your permission), to identify and rectify the reported problem. Members of the support team have also worked in the development team and as a result, are able to provide an extremely high level of technical product knowledge.


timeware® managed service change request procedure

To request a change, the registered timeware® administrator should send the request by email to including the words ‘change request’ in the subject line. Support will then schedule an initial call with the administrator to discuss the request in more detail. Following this initial call, timeware® support will schedule the actual work within a mutually agreed timescale.


The following items are covered by the timeware® managed service change request.

  • User setup including permissions
  • To-Do list and email policies
  • Monitoring timeware® system health/performance
  • Creating and maintaining;
    • Notifications for users/employees
    • Terminal polices
    • Remuneration policies
    • Groupings
    • Training matrix policies
    • Assets
  • Setting up reports/exports and Dashboards
  • Shutdown maintenance
Absence management
  • Creating and maintaining;
    • Absence reasons
    • Absence entitlement polices
    • Absence Block bookings


  • Creating and maintaining;
    • Daily and Period schedules
    • Shutdown maintenance


Example response times

When a change request or a support call is received, we allocate the next time slot so for example an email or call logged at 9:22am would receive a call back at 10am.

If we are responding to a change request, we may need the customer to gather further information for us. This would mean that we would agree on a time slot later that day, or if late in the day, early the next morning.


Change Request (Basic) New User creation / Notification Changes / Approval Changes within the hour

Change Request (Complex) Remuneration policy changes / Schedule Changes providing all information was available from the customer, within the same day.

If we are responding to a support call, we aim to solve the problem within the time slot (hour).


Support call (Minor Impact) Single user unable to approve Timesheet within the hour.

Support call (Medium Impact) Device not functioning at site - establish hardware or comms failure then arrange technician visit within 5 working days.

Support call (Major Impact) System Down / Export not received for payroll import within the hour.

Please remember that there are always exceptions and the above responses are timescales we strive to achieve!