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timeware® support

timeware® global assist agreement

Sometimes things go wrong and usually at the most inconvenient time. When this happens, the timeware® support team are ready to help you get back on track!

What is timeware global assist?

timeware® global assist is the name given to the support agreement that timeware® (UK) Ltd offers to all of its customers. Each global assist agreement contains details of the customers’ designated support level agreement (SLA)

The SLA covers both software and hardware.

Before you purchase a new system, the extent of your timeware® global assist SLA will be documented within your quotation. Usually this includes a twelve month software support agreement, a twelve month hardware warranty and details of site visits for software and firmware updates plus any required ‘new feature’ awareness training.

When you purchase a system you will receive the global assist SLA document through the post.

After this initial period, you will be sent an invoice for the following year’s global assist. Support is not compulsory but is strongly recommended!

How will the timeware® support team help?

Within customer care we have a full-time, office based support team that are available to answer your questions between 8.30am and 5.30pm, each weekday. Incidents can also be reported out of office hours using our web-based helpdesk service.

When addressing an incident, the support team utilise remote desktop support technology to access your PC, (with your permission), to identify and rectify the reported problem. Members of the support team have also worked in the development team and as a result, are able to provide an extremely high level of technical product knowledge.


What cover does timeware® global assist provide and how much does it cost?

Three distinct levels of SLA are available:

SLA 1: £537.00 per year plus hardware warranty costs

  • Unlimited telephone support between 8:30am and 5:30pm Monday-Friday. Excluding bank holidays.
  • Hardware cover on all itemised hardware (excluding vandalism).
  • Monthly customer care call.
  • Free software updates.

SLA 2: £931.00 per year plus hardware warranty costs.

  • All the features of SLA1.
  • A pre-arranged site visit to upgrade software and firmware and to provide product awareness training.

SLA 3: Costs determined by scope of required managed services.

  • All the features of SLA2
  • A complete managed timeware service.

When you purchase a system you will receive a copy of your global assist document.

At the ten month point, you will be sent an invoice for the following year’s global assist.

Support is not compulsory but is strongly recommended!

Hardware Warranty Costs

Ensures that the customer benefits from free equipment replacement in the event of a fault. (Excludes vandalism and ‘acts of God’)

t9-1010 terminal (v10 access control)  £128.00 per year

t9-1510 terminal (v10 assembly point)  £128.00 per year

t9-1610 terminal (v10 fire alarm monitor)  £128.00 per year

t9-3010/t9-3150 terminals (v10 attendance proximity)  £174.00 per year

t9-2010 terminals (v10 attendance magstripe)  £174.00 per year

t9-5010/t9-5150 terminals (v10 attendance biometric)  £174.00 per year

t9-75xx terminals (v11 touch-screen)  £199.00 per year

t9-76xx terminals (v12 touch-screen)  £199.00 per year

t13-7015 terminals (v13)  £219.00 per year

t13-1050 terminals  (IDS 2.0) £219.00 per year

t13-7540 terminals (Suprema FaceStation 2) £219.00 per year

t13-7510 terminals (Suprema BioLite N2) £199.00 per year

t13-7520 terminals (Suprema BioEntry W2) £199.00 per year

t13-7530 terminals (Suprema BioEntry P2) £199.00 per year


Terms & conditions

Payment terms 

Payment to be made annually before current support agreement expires. 

Availability of support 

Monday to Friday (except bank holidays) between 08.30 and 17.30. 


An approved contact, (customer), may call timeware® support on  +44 (0) 1706 658222. 

After the identity of the customer has been verified, the customer must provide a description of the new fault (please be patient as timeware® records the details).

The customer will be emailed a fault log reference  ‘ticket number’ along with a description of the fault and timeware® first line support will endeavour to resolve the issue.

In the event that first line support cannot resolve the fault, a contact time and date will be agreed when the support team can contact the customer.

timeware® will remind the customer on the morning of the agreed call date to ensure the call time is still agreeable. 

Customer Responsibility

The administrator must provide all information necessary to enable timeware® to fulfil its obligations under this agreement.

If timeware® establish that any of the hardware covered by this agreement is faulty, replacement equipment will be sent by courier on the same day (if   the call is made and the situation is assessed before 12:00) or the next day (otherwise).

The customer is responsible for fitting the replacement equipment and must   return the faulty equipment to timeware® within 14 days.

Service Reviews


Additions & Changes to SLA

Can be proposed and discussed during an annual review. All additions and changes to the SLA must be agreed in writing by both parties prior to implementation.


timeware® managed services change request procedure

With timeware® managed services, the customer can rely on the timeware® support team to make any changes to their timeware® system configuration. To request a change, the registered timeware® administrator should send the request by email to including the words ‘change request’ in the subject line. Support will then schedule an initial call with the administrator to discuss the request in more detail. Following this initial call, timeware® support will schedule the actual work within the timescales agreed in the customer’s SLA.


The following items are covered by the timeware® managed services change request.


  • User setup including permissions
  • To-Do list and email policies
  • Monitoring timeware® system health/performance
  • Creating and maintaining;
    • Notifications for users/employees
    • Terminal polices
    • Remuneration policies
    • Groupings
    • Training matrix policies
    • Assets
  • Setting up reports/exports and Dashboards
  • Shutdown maintenance
Absence management
  • Creating and maintaining;
    • Absence reasons
    • Absence entitlement polices
    • Absence Block bookings
  • Creating and maintaining;
    • Daily and Period schedules
    • Shutdown maintenance


How do I obtain cover?

Don’t worry if you are not currently covered by the timeware® global assist agreement. Cover can be obtained immediately by contacting Customer Care on +44 (0) 1706 659368 or by email at

Once the cover is in place, we can organise a system health check either remotely or by sending a timeware technician to your site.

Remember, each timeware® global assist agreement is tailored to the customer’s exact requirements. Once the agreement is in place, the customers is free to take advantage of the various offers and software downloads available from the community site.