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Why are timeware® biometrics better than others?

timeware® biometric sensors are designed by SecuGen Corporation, the world’s leading provider of advanced, optical fingerprint recognition technology.

SecuGen fingerprint sensors are extremely rugged and feature a virtually indestructible sensor prism. From the sensor surface to the internal lens and electronic components, SecuGen sensors are designed to be strong and dependable to deliver consistent performance in indoor, outdoor, hot, cold and other harsh environments.

SecuGen sensors are very accurate thanks to a patented optic design that produces distortion free images from which data points are extracted for matching. Higher quality images mean greater precision, less false rejection and acceptance, and better overall performance.

Unlike semiconductor-based sensors and other optical sensors in the market, SecuGen sensors are made with a hard quartz-like material that needs no coatings but resists scratches, ESD, corrosion and other stresses. The optic parts are tightly assembled so that if the sensors are ever dropped, there is no need for recalibration.

SecuGen designs, develops and manufactures fingerprint sensors that are built to last. SecuGen guarantees the best product quality in the industry, which translates into savings by eliminating costly replacements and losses from system downtime