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What’s new in timeware® Professional 2019...


This year’s release is the first in a series of software launches that will see fewer cosmetic improvements as we prepare the groundwork for project Toronto due to be launched in 2023. All of the work completed this year was essential – we worked hard to become a Suprema technology integration partner enabling us to extend our biometric product range to include an IP67 rated fingerprint reader and a for the first time ever, a face recognition device. We also needed to improve several aspects of timeware’s security and you will find that many IT managers will welcome the improvements made within this release. The Genetec integration project was essential as it forms the basis of a long-term business relationship that will enable us to become involved in more ‘Enterprise-class’ projects around the world.

Here are the major improvements, further details of which can be found below:



timeware® v13

Following last year’s delay in releasing the timeware® v13, I am happy to announce that after extensive testing, the terminal is now ready for the launch. timeware® 2019 supports the new v13 terminal which can run on customer’s networks alongside legacy terminals.



timeware® v13 terminal...

I know it’s taken a little longer than expected, but here it is, the timeware® v13 - the most powerful and customisable data collection terminal that we have ever developed..

The v13 is now available to all partners and incorporates the Suprema Slim bio reader and a timeware® proximity reader as standard.

The v13 is the correct choice for customers that require a SmartBooking® feature, a flexitime solution that displays balances at the attendance point, customers that have special customisation requirements or customers that simply need a job costing or cost centring device.

Utilising an ARM processor and Windows 10 Core, this device is fast, flexible and capable of performing any number of specialist functions due to is customisation capabilities.


Device: timeware® v13

Use: Attendance / Job Costing / Cost Centre recording

Rating: No IP rating

Location: Offices, Canteen Area

Special features: ESS, SmartBooking®, Fully Customisable.

Prox: Various