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timeware® Professional 2018 beta test site case study

The UK Electronics timeware® 2018 beta test site is looking better than ever! It was a great idea to install all of our new products into one business for thorough testing before the launch in November.

timeware® field technicians has re-visited UK Electronics to take photos of alll staff members for the latest software running on the IDS device.

The updated IDS has been well received and it looks like the ‘health & safety’ dashboard is going to be rolled out to a number of interested customers in November.

Visitor module
The new visitor module is next to be installaed and tested. Like many companies, UK Electronics has an unmanned reception so we are due to fit a secure tablet in the reception area in August. Visitiors will enter the room and follow a series of on-screen prompts which will result in an email being sent to the relevant staff member in the main office to alert them of the visitors presence. Now, in the event of a fire or fire alarm test, the visitor will be included in the real-time roll-call. More information on the vistor module installation in November.

The tokyo attendance devices have now been running for over two months without fail. The Tokyo Wi-Fi feature connects to the wireless bridge beween buildings and has proved to be solid and reliable with no data loss over the trial period.