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timeware® Professional 2018 beta test site case study


The UK Electronics beta site upgrade is on schedule. We have installed the very first version of timeware® 2018 (18.0.1) on their server and upgraded 3 clients. UKE are running their software in a client/server configuration which is fine for this size of installation.


UKE have recently expanded their operation to include a wiring department which is based in a separate building separated by a 30 metre car park. A bio attendance terminal is required at this location and hard-wiring to the existing network is not possible so a WiFi connection was the only option. We created a wireless bridge across the car park and installed a Tokyo terminal in the wiring department and replaced the original ESS terminal with another Tokyo. Both Tokyo terminals are in ‘push’ mode ensuring that network traffic is kept to a minimum.

Fire alarm monitor
A fire alarm monitor has been installed and connected to UKE’s ?? fire alarm system by the alarm system service provider. This has been tested and is working well. The majority of new installs and SLA2 upgrades opt for the Fire alarm monitor as part of their health and safety initiative.

IDS terminal
The IDS terminal has been mounted in the locker area and has been designed to display the photo and contact details of any first aiders currently in work. UKE also wanted to display the number of days since the last recorded accident and the staff absenteeism percentage rate so far this month. We are discussing installing a second IDS terminal in the canteen with alternative content.