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timeware® Professional 2018 beta test site case study

timeware® and UK-Electronics have a long history of working together stretching way back to the late 1990’s. UK-Electronics (UKE) is the company  that manufactures all of timeware’s® PCBs and assembles all attendance and access control devices.

Throughout this period, UKE has experienced enviable growth and in 2002 they decided to implement a timeware® system to record the attendance of around 40 employees using a proximity terminal.  In 2005 they moved up to a biometric system and in 2013 they agreed to become a test site for our first touch-screen terminal.  Now with 80 full time staff, UKE are running timeware® Professional 2017 with a biometric attendance terminal and utilising the personnel, absence management and attendance modules with reporting and exports to Excel and SAGE.

UKE have agreed to be a live beta test site for timeware® Professional 2018 and over the next ten months we will document the testing of new products both in timelines and on

timelines issue #25 May 2017

Outline the timeware® Professional 2018 beta install including:
timeware® Tokyo terminal
timeware® interactive digital signage (IDS) terminal

timelines issue #26 August 2017

Review the updated fire alarm monitor with remote assembly point in the car park.
Review the installation of the timeware® video surveillance controller
Review the timeware® visitor module