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Thank-you to Bury College…

Two new trainees join timeware…

Having completed another strong financial year, we have made the decision to employee two new trainees, one in the Support department and one in Programming. Bury College works closely with timeware to provide IT candidates for various roles within the company. This relationship stretches back over seven years with the majority of personnel being provided for interview by the Bury College Employment Gateway team.

Zack Dawson joins the support team in September and begins a two year working apprenticeship in the timeware support department. Zack will be working towards his level 2 and level 3 ICT Professional Competence, Web, Software & Telecoms Apprenticeship during this time.

Mathew Holcroft joins the Programming team as a trainee programmer in October, bringing skills gained during his BSc in Computer Games Development. Mathew will be part of the team responsible for the mobile ESS app’ development due to be launched in 2020. All trainees, whether apprentices or not, are paid the national living wage following their six month trial period. timeware are committed to providing the best working environment for all of its staff to ensure job longevity with a heavy emphasis on personal development.

Employee loyalty and longevity are essential ingredients when building a strong business.