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Suprema launch the FaceStation F2…

The FaceStation F2 Fusion Multimodal Terminal optimizes IR and visual face recognition to produce exceptional authentication results, achieving extremely low false acceptance rates.

FaceStation F2’s unique deep-learning fusion algorithm provides industry leading face recognition and anti-spoofing performance, regardless of user ethnicity and face changes. The innovative multimodal solution offers two means of authentication: contactless facial recognition and card.

To meet the increasing global demand for hygiene safety and protection, FaceStation F2 can be combined with Suprema’s Thermal Camera to detect and identify individuals with elevated skin temperature. The unit’s on-board analytics can also automatically screen and notify when an individual is not wearing a mask in areas where facial masks are mandatory.

This screening feature can be used in conjunction with face recognition as FaceStation F2 is able to recognize faces with masks without sacrificing accuracy. FaceStation F2 also offers remote enrollment that allows user registration by uploading profile photos, reducing physical contact, and improving convenience and safety.

The FaceStation F2 is built on the highly secure Android platform and encrypts all biometric credentials to help best protect individual’s personal information from cyber theft.

The FaceStation F2 has been integrated into timeware® Professional 2021.