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On this page we answer some of the most common questions asked by the timeware® community.

Q1. As a company, we need a report to automatically trigger once a day to be printed out. Can timeware® accommodate this?

A1. Absolutely! The ”Event Handler” is designed to handle this and more! Please contact support for more info

Q2. We need to add a field in to Personnel but the required field doesn’t exist. Can this be added?

A2. We have a section called User Definable Fields (or UDF’s) which can be used for this. Please contact support!

Q3. Our delete button is greyed out in Personnel. Why is this?

A3. We NEVER suggest deleting an employee as once they are gone, they are gone. Please set them as a leaver. This will not affect system speed at all!

Q4. I’ve input a block booking but it has not applied the bank holiday to the employees. Why hasn’t it?

A4. It can take up to 3 hours for the system to implement these absences due to the sheer strain it puts on the system. Please check again after 3 hours!

Q5. How often do the clockings get collected from our Suprema readers?

A5. Within seconds! If it is taking longer than that, there is going to be a problem and you need to contact timeware® support!

Q6. Is there a size limit on the images we put against our employees?

A6. Yes there is. This is to reduce the size of the timeware® database. It will tell you if its too big and tell you the requirements!

Q7. We have stopped people using fingerprints and have moved everyone over to badge. Are there any changes I need to make in the software apart from entering their badge numbers for this to work? 

A7. If you are using Suprema hardware this will work automatically. If not, a terminal policy change will be required. Please contact timeware® support.

Q8. Can I have a certain line manager only view the 6 employee’s they manage?

A8. Yes. We can permission out user’s profiles to only see certain people/teams. We can also limit what they can do within the software. Please contact support for more information.

Q9. I have a different type of absence that I need to record but can’t find on our system. Is there anyway to set up a new absence code?I have

A9. Yes, you can have an unlimited amount of absence reasons. Please contact timeware® support and they will implement this with you.

Q10. I have deleted a bank holiday for employee but it keeps reappearing the next day, what am I doing wrong?

A10. If the bank holiday was put on as a block booking the system will re-add it if it gets deleted. If you want remove it, decline the absence rather than deleting it.

Q11. With the new GDPR rules that have come in place, how can we effectively delete personal information from inactive employees?

A11. timeware® has built in GDPR features which alert users when data needs to be removed. If this hasn’t been implemented with your superuser, please contact timeware® support.

Q12. We are staggering the shift start time to allow people to clock in 15 minutes before and 15 minutes after the usual start time. Will timeware® still calculate the hours correctly?

A12. Please contact support so they can double check the setup of your shift patterns. If needed, the shift patterns will be tweaked to fit your needs.


Matt Wilkinson

Head of timeware® support