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Questions & Answers...

On this page we answer some of the most common questions asked by the timeware® community...

... answered by Matt Wilkinson, head of timeware®support. Email:

Q1.  We require a very unique report which timeware® does not have as standard. Can you create custom reports?

A1. Absolutely! Please contact timeware® support on 01706 658 222 and provide as much information as possible.

Q2. Can timeware® transfer to any payroll software?

A2. Short answer is yes. However if it is a new system we’ve never worked with before it will take more time.

Q3. We have a report which we’ve ran every week for the last 7 years, but to save time we want that in Microsoft Excel. Can timeware® do this?

A3. We would have to specifically write an export for you, but yes we can!    Please contact timeware® support.

Q4.  Our Payroll team are spending hours manually inputting clocking times in to Sage. Is there a faster way?

A4. Most of our customers now use the timeware® to Sage payroll link. Send employees hours in the click of a button!

Q5. Our Sage has been updated. Do we need to do anything for our transfer to work again?

A5. Please contact timeware® support. We need to install some dll files each time Sage gets updated!

Q6. When we run a specific report, each time it is saying “file cannot be found”. How can we solve this?

A6.  Simply put, the report doesn’t exist on your PC. Each report needs to be installed locally on the PCthat runs it. Please contact timeware® support!

Q7. We require some unique bespoke work creating, but we’re struggling to put this in to words!

A7. Please contact timeware® support. We will arrange a timeslot to fully talk through your requirement!

Q8. I want to report an issue with timeware. How do I do this?

A8. Contact timeware® support on 01706 658 222. We will log your call down and you will receive a timeslot which is convenient where a technician will resolve the issue!

Q9. We would like timeware® to set up some period schedules for us. Is this possible?

A9. This depends on your SLA level. We only set period schedules or other policies for our SLA or ‘Managed Service’ customers.

Q10. We require some on-site training to learn how to do things ourselves. Is this possible?

A10. Yes. There will be a charge made however and depending on engineer availability a delay may occur.

Q11. We want to expand our company in to another site in the UK. Can we add on to our existing timeware?

A11. Absolutely!    Our Projects team will be able to assist with every step of the way! Contact projects on 01706 659 368

Q12. Our timeware® software seems to be going slower and slower. What would be the cause of this?

A12. It could be a number of things, but 99%of the time it is usually related to the servers resources on the SQL server. Contact timeware® support for more info!


Matt Wilkinson

Head of timeware® support