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On this page we answer some of the most common questions asked by the timeware® community.

Q1. Can staff make a booking with both fingerprint and a pin?

A1. Yes! There is a section called ”terminal policies” where we can configure how people make a booking.

Q2. We have employees who forget whether they are clocking in or out, can their status be displayed at the terminal?

A2. Yes! We can display the employee’s in or out status when they make a booking. We can also set up a function button to show their status at any point during the day.

Q3. Can I hide past employees, ‘leavers’, from my system?

A3. Yes, there is the ”sort & filter” option in the title bar where you can filter out certain employees, based on a variety of different options.

Q4. I have employees who can’t remember which finger they have registered in the software, is there a way for me to find this out?

A4. In timeware® 2018, when enrolling through one of the desktop enrolment devices, we now record which fingers are being registered. You can then check this any time you like from the employee’s personnel record.

Q5. Employees are unaware when their holiday requests are being approved/ declined. Is there a way I can notify them?

A5. As long as the employee has an email address, timeware® can email the employee when their requests have been authorized or declined.

Q6. I have certain employees that clock in early each day but I don’t want to pay them for the extra time. Is this possible within timeware®?

A6. We can edit the ”daily schedule” so that employees will only get paid from their assigned shift start time. Please contact timeware® support to arrange for the schedule to be amended.

Q7. I have a report that must be emailed to managers every day, can timeware® handle this?

A7. We have a service called the event handler, which we can set certain features to run automatically at certain points throughout the day/ week. If you let the support team know when you want these things to run, they will be able to configure your system to handle these tasks.

Q8. Can I view the ESS/TWC from home?

A8. You can view the ESS/TWC from anywhere on your company’s network. If you want to view this from out of the company’s network, your I.T department will need to open the pages up to the public so you can access these elsewhere.

Q9. I have added a new starter but when I go to search for him I can’t find him?

A9. This is either due to the filter you have enabled, or your user accounts permission policy. Please contact your system admin or timeware® support and them to double check the accounts permissions.

Q10. Some managers are saving away incomplete employee records, can I make some of the personnel fields mandatory?

A10. Yes. If you let us know the ”required” fields, we can intorduce a ”form event script’, which will prevent a record from being saved if the mandatory fields are blank.

Q11. Am I able to upload documents into timeware®?

A11. Documents can be directly uploaded into timeware® against employee records and so they can be viewed by the employee through the ESS if necessary.

Q12. How can employees view their remaining holidays?

A12. Employees can view their holidays through the ESS portal. They can also see their holidays directly through the terminal, this information can also be emailed to them so they can view it at home.


Matt Wilkinson

Head of timeware® support