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Protecting your employees with access control…

With over 3,500 door controllers currently installed and a yearly growth of over two hundred and fifty units, access control is a major contributing factor in the success of the timeware® workforce management system.

Access control sales account for around 30% of timeware’s® yearly turnover: In simple terms, access control is an extremely important module and is seen as a standard part of the core product by the timeware® development team.

timeware® has a long history of access installations: the first versions in the early 1990’s had limited options and provided a simple door release when an employee ‘swiped’ their mag-stripe ID badge. By the late 90’s a dedicated access control terminal was developed and extended compatibility to the major proximity readers of the time. The access terminal provided good service throughout the 00’s until the development team looked at shelving all older technology PCBs in favour of a more versatile flash based design.

Although the v10 Access Control Unit has undergone many firmware upgrades over the past few years, the hardware design has remained constant and provided timeware® with an extremely reliable access control platform.