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Optima Care Partnership

The Optima Care Partnership has established care homes and supported living services in Bristol, Somerset, and Devon. The company has been providing high quality care since 1985 and continues to operate and build on its enviable reputation of providing integrated services of distinction for those with complex needs.

The requirement

In 2018 Optima Care Partnership approached timeware® with a view to upgrading their old time recording system to a biometric attendance solution that would monitor and record employee time keeping whilst maintaining holiday and absenteeism information across multiple sites. The company also required the facility to restrict and monitor physical access to certain area of their organisation to a limited number of people. Optima were keen to be perceived as a ‘leader in their market sector’ for implementing cutting edge technology and with this in mind, were very interested in a reliable face recognition attendance device.

The customisation

Optima had two special requirements: 1. That the solution must be able to process variable length pay periods as staff are paid on the last Friday of the month and 2. That the solution must be able to replicate an existing, easy-to-read report that team leaders were already familiar with.

The recommended solution

The recommended solution consisted of timeware® Professional 2018 with integrated support for Suprema FaceStation 2 devices for employee attendance and Suprema BioEntry W2 devices for access control. The minor customisation was completed with a series of scripts and a report generated in Microsoft Excel.

The whole project was installed within the scheduled two weeks. This included software and hardware installation, software configuration, the biometric enrolment of all staff and finally the training.

The Optima Care Partnership are covered by a timeware® managed service. As well as the usual telephone support for day-to-day queries and system change requests, this ensures two onsite visits each year from a member of the timeware® support team and annual software upgrades.