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Now for some technical stuff: ”What is 1:1 and 1:n matching?”

1:1 matching is the name for verification

This is a method of examining one biometric record against another in order to determine whether the two match.

This is the type of biometric match that occurs when a biometric system is set up for badge plus finger matching.

The user presents a badge or enters a number which tells the biometric reader who the user is supposed to be.

The user then proves their identity by scanning a finger on the device.

This type of matching is very fast and accurate, and has been in use for some time.

1:n matching is the name for identification

1:n matching is a means of identifying a person against a broad database of other users simply by means of a fingerprint.

The user simply places his / her finger on the biometric reader, and a very rapid search is initiated in order to find and verify the user’s identity.

This type of matching is more convenient since no PIN numbers or cards are required.

This is the most popular method and is used by the majority of timeware® biometric installations