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New Features...

Security updates...

With increased cyber threats targeting companies in recent years several of our customers and suppliers have asked for us to increase security within the software. We answered a few versions ago with password encryption, but we hadn’t taken it far enough.

We’ve now added full support for TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 encrypted emails from timeware® Professional 2019. Much of the data that gets sent via emails from timeware® is vital, but more importantly needs to be GDPR compliant. This update solves that with the introduction of TLS support.


Event handler & Absence management enhancements...

At timeware®, we want our users experiences to be as easy as they can be without compromising on quality.

After many requests from customers we have included the option to schedule exports directly from the event handler which previously was only an option for reports. These exports will be automatically ran at set times, on set days, and send them directly to your emails.

Another improvement we’ve made is to the Absence Management screen and the addition of various filters. Again, several customers had requested features such as the ability to hide un-authorised absences from the calendar or show declined absences. We’ve listened and added these as features to the software in timeware® Professional 2019!

Customisation Icons...

Over recent years we’ve noticed an increasing number of bespoke requirements. Systems are becoming much more complex, unique... and more difficult to support! This has led us to design a way for users and support technicians to easily identify at a glance what any script is doing at any point in the system.

You may want to look at a daily schedule and see a description of what the script does. We’ve added a link which once highlighted, will tell you exactly what function the script performs.

A great example would be the Absence Form Event used when booking an absence. Clicking on the new customisation icon will tell you any checks or conversions that are in place e.g. if holiday category is entitlement checked. All of this is designed to make the system that little bit easier to support and manage…!