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Mobile Worker free until 31st of December 2020...

With the majority of UK employees now working from home, we have decided to make the timeware® Professional mobile worker app’ available free of charge to all customers currently covered by a timeware® support agreement. This feature can be enabled remotely by the timeware® support team and will operate until 31st December 2020.

Employees can download an app’ directly from the iOS app store or Android play store. Once the mobile feature is enabled, employees are able to make bookings via their mobile device, with all data being stored in the Microsoft Azure Cloud. The host timeware® system then access the cloud at regular intervals to download the booking data.

The mobile worker feature within timeware® Professional enables a manager to check an individual’s location where his attendance booking was made. Utilising a mobile devices GPS signal, it tracks exactly where in the employee ‘clocked in’ and displays them on a map interface within the software. All the locations are stored within the timeware® database so you can reference them in the future.

With a low-cost extremely competitive yearly maintenance charge, the timeware® mobile worker module is sure to provide an affordable solution for businesses looking for effective ways to monitor attendance of remote workers.

Any customers that have already paid for this feature will have an apportioned charge deducted from their next support invoice.