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Mike Coope...

This is the last article in a series called ‘who’s who’, giving the brief background story behind ‘front-line’ members of timeware® staff. In this issue we introduce Mike Coope.

Mike joined the company way back in April 2013. His first roll was as a support technician working alongside Bradley Holt and Alan Ford. As the company expanded and the support team grew, Mike’s enthusiasm and commitment to timeware® was noted and in 2014 he was made Support team leader.


Christmas 2000, buzzin’ off Pokémon.


Christmas 2018, buzzin’ off Strawberry Daiquiri…

Mike was born in Oldham in January 1992, (just before the launch of timeware® II), Throughout his younger years, he had always shown a keen interest in tech and sport. Attending Bluecoat School in Oldham, Mike represented his School in Cricket, Football and Rugby. His prowess in Cricket earned him a place on the town team and at the age of 16, Mike joined TJHughes as Electrical shop floor assistant to provide the funds for his obsessive interest in PC gaming!

Mike’s academic life was equally successful and following some great A’ Level results he decided take take a ‘gap year’ before attending University.

Unsure what to do next, Mike joined Tesco in the dotcom department and from 2010 was involved with online orders. University never happened and in April 2013, Mike joined the timeware® team.


Mike Coope and Matt Wilkinson at the Suprema Partner event in PyeongChang.

Mike has held several positions over the 6 years at timeware® and in 2019 he and Liz Broadhurst began working together in the newly formed Project Management team. Mike brings an amazing level of technical expertise to the table. With his knowledge on PCs, his background in timeware® support and his detailed understanding of every aspect of the timeware® package, Mike is capable of demonstrating a timeware® system at enterprise class level.

Mike’s preferred tipple when out and about is a Strawberry Daiquiri and even though his idea of a good night is 10 hours solid gaming eating Pizza, he has recently become engaged to his girlfriend of 10 years, Hannah. With the current level of work at timeware®, we envisage that we would be able to release him for a half day for his wedding sometime in 2030!