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  • Irish Time is appointed timeware's® Irish distributor for the 21st consecutive year

Simon Birchall timeware and Irish Time's Ciaran Hanrahan at the Ritz Hotel, London.Celebrating the appointment in the magnificent surroundings of the Rivoli Bar of the Ritz Hotel, London, timeware (UK) Ltd.’s Managing Director Simon Birchall said ‘Working with Irish Time over the past twenty years has been extremely engaging!  Ciaran’s team have combined three key elements to provide an unbeatable solution:  their understanding of the Irish business market, their workforce management skills and their ability to implement timeware into a variety of business types from virtually any market sector.’ Simon added, ‘Ciaran’s unique business management style allowed him to successfully negotiate Ireland’s recent financial crisis with Irish Time emerging as the country’s leading specialist in workforce management solutions.’ Ciaran added, ‘timeware Professional 2015 provides the key modules required by my clients: personnel, absence management and attendance.  What makes the timeware product even more exciting are the customisation facilities which enable my team to provide a truly unique solution for each customer.’