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Home working speed improvement...

If you are using timeware® Professional away from your office, there are several steps your IT department can take to ensure that your ‘home working’ experience is smooth, trouble free and more importantly - fast!

Suggestion #1

Remote control applications

There are several applications available to a company which enable a user to connect directly on to a PC or server from anywhere in the world.

As you may be aware, timeware® Support use an application called TeamViewer which allows us to control a customer’s PC when fault- finding.

The same application is perfect for remote working!

Please note that this type of software is usually licenced, based on concurrent users. Although this may be a short-term expense, it is an extremely reliable and easy to use solution.

Suggestion #2

Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)

The safest method of connecting to your business network is to enable RDP from home.

This will involve some help from you IT team, but it means you can connect directly on to your PC in the office and work on timeware® at exactly the same speed as you would normally!

How you set up the RDP does depend on your IT regulations.

IT may also want to have users RDP on to a terminal server, rather than just the office PC however that will incur license charges from Microsoft for concurrent users.

NOT Recommended

VPN + Local timeware® Install

We strongly advise against attempting to use timeware® when the software is installed on your PC at home and you are connecting across the internet to your work network!