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William, Oli and Zack with Dietitian expert Elaine Anderson.
William, Oli and Zack with Dietitian expert Elaine Anderson.

Looking after the health and wellbeing of the timeware® team is as equally important as the development of the timeware® product itself. Having the best time management solution in the UK without healthy people to install, support and maintain the solution would be irresponsible to both ourselves and our customers!

timeware® (UK) Ltd have recently appointed Care 4 Nutrition as the specialists tasked with providing team members and their families with sound dietary advice. With an increasing number of staff working away from home for several days each week, the Directors decided that ‘prevention is better than cure’ and promoting healthy life choices was top priority.

Care 4 Nutrition is run by Elaine Anderson an experienced and passionate dietitian with a BSc (Hons) in Dietetics. Elaine formed Care 4 Nutrition after many years of working in a variety of NHS settings. Elaine is registered with the Health and Care Professions’ Council and is a full member of the British Dietetic Association. Based on a fundamental understanding of good nutrition, Elaine’s experience allows her to provide tailored advice and workshops to organisations to help improve the health of their employees. Using skills acquired from the BDA’s Work Ready Programme she bases her work on the most up-to-date evidence and engages employees in the planning and delivery of such programmes including behaviour change strategies to help people make the best choices.

Tel: 07749450199