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Face recognition is coming...

Suprema FaceStation 2…

True integration with a face recognition device is another new feature to look forward to on timeware® 2019. We have installed a Suprema FaceStation 2 at the timeware® offices and at a care home in South Wales and the performance is very fast. It is almost as fast as using a proximity card! We think that the FaceStation 2 is the ideal device for high-end customers in an office or health service style location.

The FaceStation is very fast and contactless. Remember that this device also supports business in/out and end of shift. The FaceStation’s capacity is well specified supporting over 3000 people and 50,000 records.

Please note that this device is not IP rated and can only be installed inside a building. Also note that if your customer requires access control, any external readers would have to be fingerprint. timeware® 2019 allows multiple bio templates against each user so mixing the technologies is ok, just remember that you would need to enrol each users twice: once for face and once for finger.


Device: Suprema FaceStation 2

Use: Attendance / Internal access

Rating: No IP rating

Location: Offices

Users: 3,000

Records: 50,000

Prox: Various

Standard features include:

Business in / business out

End of shift