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Employee health and wealth initiative…

timeware® have recently introduced a new employee initiative to promote personal well-being and to provide access to financial advice.

As staff numbers continue rise, so does our investment in training and to protect that investment it is essential that everyone, no matter what their role, is comfortable both physically and financially.

The health initiative includes:

  • Free food Friday – free healthy eating options every other Friday.
  • Encouragement and funding for weight management.
  • Access to free occupation health visits both work and non-work related.
  • Free First aid training for all staff.
  • A range of social events that matches the increasing diverse age-range!
  • Mental health awareness.
  • Encouraging healthy lifestyle choices for team members that are working away from home.

The wealth initiative includes independent financial advice for:

  • Savings.
  • ISAs.
  • Pensions.
  • General money management.

Remember: No business wealth without employees health!