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Suprema BioMini desktop fingerprint enroller…


Suprema BioMini desktop fingerprint enroller…

As part of timeware’s® ‘Suprema alignment’ project, we’ve spent some time this month integrating timeware® 2019 with Suprema’s BioMini FAP10 Authentication scanner.

This USB device is used to record fingerprint templates through timeware’s® fingerprint wizard for timeware® to store and distribute to Suprema devices on the network.

Note that Suprema have recently released a new enroller called the BioMini Slim 2 Ultra-slim FAP20 Authentication Scanner. We will cover that product integration in the next edition of insider.

Suprema biometric templates are not compatible with Secugen biometric templates.

Suprema Slim integrated with Tokyo platform…


v13 with Suprema slim

We’ve integrated Suprema’s new Slim FAP20 OEM module with the Tokyo platform. This is great news for the future as it means the latest v13 attendance terminal now supports Suprema biometrics as standard!

Like previous biometric terminals, there is a facility to enrol employees biometric templates at the terminal. These templates are then stored by timeware® and distributed to other Suprema devices on the network.

The v13 terminal is due to be launched to the Partners in November 2018.

Please note that the v13 is also available with a Secugen biometric reader for compatibility with older systems.  Suprema biometric templates are not compatible with Secugen biometric templates.

Mobile bio attendance…


t13-7030 mobile biometric terminal

What did we do when a major client asked if we could provide a reliable mobile biometric attendance solution that runs off a battery and communicates via a 3G router, and that the battery should last at least 24 hours?

We did what we do best and Invented something, of course! Bilfinger UK is a leading provider of engineering, automation and maintenance services to industrial clients across the UK and has been a timeware® customer for many years.

During a routine SLA 2 upgrade we were asked if we could provide a mobile, battery powered solution for sites where a large number of staff, (500+), would be working for a short period of time. Our recent collaboration with Suprema has provided us with several new options for product development.

The Suprema BioNet Lite biometric reader has a small LCD screen with a date and time display with a level of power consumption ideal for a battery powered project. Linked to a 3G router and a 50,000 mA/h battery housed within a robust aluminium enclosure, this new timeware® product passed it’s beta tests and was approved and signed off by the client.

Waterproof bio attendance terminal…

After years of trying to develop an effective waterproof attendance terminal, it finally dawned on us that the answer was staring us in the face in the shape of the new Suprema BioNet N2 reader.

Launched in April 2018, this FAP20 reader has:

  • Suprema’s latest fingerprint algorithm coupled with the world’s best fingerprint sensor.
  • 10,000 Users incorporating 1:1 identification with 2 templates per User
  • 1.77” colour TFT LCD
  • 160 x 128 pixels
  • Operating temperature -20°C ~ 50°C
  • IP67 rating

Proximity reader spec:

  • 125kHz EM & 13.56MHz MIFARE, MIFARE Plus, DESFire/EV1, NFC & 2.4GHz BLE


  • 125kHz EM, HID Prox & 13.56MHz MIFARE, MIFARE Plus, DESFire/EV1, FeliCa, iCLASS SE/SR, NFC & 2.4GHz BLE

The most important thing to remember is that this device is compatible with timeware® 2018.

Please note that to enrol fingerprints you will need a second IP Suprema Bionet N2 or an IP Suprema Bioentry P2. timeware® 2019 will be compatible with the Suprema BioMini Slim 2 desktop enroller.