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Maid of honour for a friend’s wedding in 2006.
Maid of honour for a friend’s wedding in 2006.

This is the second article in a new series called ‘who’s who’, giving the brief background story behind ‘front-line’ members of timeware® staff.

In this issue we introduce Charlotte Kavanagh. If you have ever logged a support call with timeware®, the friendly, calming voice at the end of the phone belongs to Charlotte.

Charlotte is the lead administrator in timeware® support and is responsible for scheduling all end- user support calls.

Joining timeware® in 2014 following a number of customer care related roles at some well-known business.

Charlotte has worked as a check- out assistant at Woolworths, in the customer service department at Intellect, back to school studying Health & Social care whilst working at Integrationale Day Centre and then

back to a customer service desk role, this time at Boundary Mill. Her last job before giving birth to her son, Alam, was in a call centre working for Vodaphone.

Clearly, she has a passion for providing quality customer care!


timeware® 2019 launch event at the Norton Grange, Rochdale.
timeware® 2019 launch event at the Norton Grange, Rochdale.

Charlotte joined timeware® working part-time as a customer liaison assistant. In this role she was tasked with contacting each customer approximately every six weeks to confirm that their system was operating as expected and that there were no outstanding issues. Charlotte was keen to learn and keen to work more hours and her hard work was rewarded in 2017 when she was promoted to lead administrator in timeware® support. She now works full time and is responsible for logging every support call on timeware’s help-desk software, Vivantio. Charlotte works very closely with the timeware® support technical staff, scheduling calls in their diary’s whilst ensuring all managed service requests are handled promptly.

Charlotte also organises the quarterly workshops and the annual product launch and most important of all, the twice yearly social events which sees the timeware® team plus partners and key suppliers consuming copious quantities of food and alcohol in a restaurant somewhere in Manchester!