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Case study: GTP

Company background…

GTP is a trading name of Tex Styles Ghana Ltd (TSGL) formerly known as Ghana Textiles Printing Company Limited, incorporated in January 1966 as a wax printing business. It is the foremost textile company in Ghana and a leader in the wax prints market. GTP is based in Tema, Greater Accra.

TSGL has two main textile brands (GTP and Woodin), distributes & markets the GTP and Woodin quality fabrics at home in Ghana as well as to other countries such as Togo, Benin, Burkina Faso, La Cote d’Ivoire, Niger, Nigeria, Angola, USA, etc.

TSGL delivers its premium brand of African prints through excellent distribution and committed employees in a socially responsible environment.

TSGL currently employs 560 staff at the factory in Tema and operates a monthly payroll system.

A long-term business relationship with timeware®…

Timeware® 5 was first installed at TSGL 8 years ago and Visisure, (timeware’s® partner in West Africa), organizes yearly upgrades as part of their SLA2 upgrade program. TSGL is due to be upgraded to timeware® 2017 in June of this year.

Biometrics is the key…      

TSGL uses two timeware® biometric attendance terminals to capture employee’s start and finish times. The terminals provide a fast and accurate method of ensuring large groups of employees are able to register bookings and begin work on time. Maintenance of the terminals is included in the company’s SLA agreement.

The main challenge - Overtime Authorisation…

With such a large number of employees, an effective method of pre-authorizing overtime was essential. Inaccurate overtime payments with such a large number of employees could be extremely costly - it was imperative that the verification process was 100% accurate. All overtime is ‘pre-authorized’ by a supervisor and the authorization document is signed by both the supervisor and the employee. Only overtime that has been pre-authorized is paid, all other overtime is ignored.

Looking to the future…
As part of the upgrade to timeware® 2017, Visisure is planning on completing a workflow analysis meeting to identify any potential ‘bottlenecks’ in the TSGL timeware® procedures. All aspects of the timeware® system usage will be analyzed and Visisure will produce a report outlining their observations and make recommendations on ways that TSGL can improve on their methods and procedures by utilizing standard and customised features within timeware®.

Lordson Abaso-Addo
Managing Director
visisure (West Africa) Ltd.

Solomon Arthur