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ADP (attendance display panel)

Do you need to quickly find out whether members of staff have left the building?

Utilise timeware’s® real-time, roll-call engine to identify departmental  manager’s attendance  status by quickly viewing the timeware® ADP feature.

If you need a real-time, on-screen reference of who is in work and when they arrived, look no further than the enhanced ADP feature.

ADP (Attendance Display Panel)

Now an integral part of timeware® and utilising it’s tried & tested roll-call technology, the ADP provides Managers with a fast and efficient method of confirming exactly which employees are currently on-site.

We’ve also added a ‘return-to-work’ indicator that can be used as a message reminder when a selected individual books back in.

Single and multi-site support

The timeware® ADP can run on both local and remote networks.  This means that the booking made by someone in Newcastle can be seen in real-time by a receptionist, (on a centralised system), in a completely different part of the country.

timeware’s® scalable automated attendance display panel suitable for any size of business with any number of employees at multiple locations around the world.


For more information, please contact timeware® customer care on +44 (0)1706 659368